June 25, 2021

6 Reasons Why Quebec Is Worth Visiting in 2021.

Why Visit Québec City?

Simply because there’s no place like it in North America! Here are 6 reasons that prove just that…

1.      Treasured UNESCO World Heritage Site


Old Québec will delight and amaze you. The cradle of French America, it’s the only fortified city on the continent north of Mexico. Stroll through the cobblestone streets and soak in the city’s magnificent heritage, storied past, and European charm. It’s festive, welcoming, and wonderfully safe.

2.      Unique Culture

Quebecers are known for being warm and welcoming. Everywhere you go, you’ll be met with a smile. People here are proud of their francophone culture and North American roots. The myriad activities and attractions on offer throughout the year give you the chance to experience the wealth of this vibrant, authentic culture. The people you meet in the city’s many tourist spots will happily share with you their passion for this place, in French and English.

3.     Winter Wonderland


Québec City is at its most charming under a blanket of snow. The snowflakes and lights just make it that much more magical and romantic. Old Québec in particular is simply enchanting during the holidays. Take your cue from the locals and discover all the ways to get out and enjoy winter. See North America’s only ice hotel and enjoy a winter vacation that guarantees heaps of snow.

4.    Top Foodie Destination



Québec City’s passionate chefs, both emerging and established, have made the city a culinary mecca. These artists of the edible are deftly reinventing classics and launching new trends, celebrating the quality and variety of local farms and producers in showstopping meals. The city’s food scene is known for its wide range of styles, excellent service, and its French, British, North American, and Indigenous influences.

5.   Close to Nature


If you’re feeling the call of the wild, the Québec City Area is famous for its natural beauty, from peaceful lakes to rolling rivers to the glacial valley in Jacques-Cartier National Park. No matter what your age and in any season, there are all kinds of things for you to see and do here in the great outdoors.

A few hours from Québec City, find yourself in larger-than-life settings of lakes, mountains and endless forests. The surrounding areas are the perfect combination for a trip where you can enjoy a great city and nature wonders.

6.  The Fun Never Stops


A steady string of events and exhibitions keep Québec City hopping all year long. No matter the month or season, there are always tons of things to see and do, for free or at a great price. Take your pick and join in the fun with events ranging from fireworks to concerts to historical festivals, theatrical happenings, and sports events. With so much to offer, it isn’t surprising that Québec City ranks as one of the world’s top travel destinations.

Discover why Québec is a must-see destination in Canada and why it’s different from Montreal.

Now, all you have to do is decide which unique experience is for you: the gorgeous winter scenes? The beauty of flowers in spring? The electric energy of summer festivals? The jaw‑dropping fall colours? To help you decide when to make the trip, see what each season has to offer.



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