November 11, 2021

How to Become A Truck Driver in Canada(2021)

Although it may appear to be an unusual shortage, Canada is in desperate need of truck drivers. With a tiny population dispersed throughout the world’s second-largest country, the country is looking to immigration to alleviate its job problem. They have stated that they intend to add over a million additional workers to their economy during the next three years. We have gathered a list of reasons why this is a good-paying career, as well as instructions on how to come to Canada as a truck driver.

With the scarcity predicted to increase to 500,000 unfilled positions in the next five years, your prospects of immigration in this profession are pretty strong if you apply to the right program. The average age of truck drivers in Canada is 48, implying that a younger generation of potential residents has a lengthy career ahead of them as the workforce ages. Our registered Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are experts in immigration policy and the over 70 various programs available. We can assist you in navigating the procedure, paving the route to permanent residency in no time.



Why Should You Consider Becoming a Truck Driver in Canada?

Driving a truck may also be an intriguing way to observe Canadian cityscapes and nature. Pass through natural wonders like as the Rockies and their surrounding woods and fjords, as well as large towns such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, all of which require resources to be transported. There is also far more social engagement than one might expect. Take advantage of possibilities to become a team driver, where you may interact with other truckers from throughout the country, or even partner up with a spouse who can go (and drive) with you across the picturesque landscapes.

A long-haul truck driver’s wage in Canada is between $55,000 and $70,000 per year, among other benefits (as well as some bonus payments). The trucking sector differs in terms of what you may perform as a truck driver, which affects the pay range. As a result, we propose employment that cover longer cross-country journeys, as they will pay you more and provide more perks. The itinerary is quite variable, with some excursions lasting many months while others last only a week. You may also bargain with your boss about how long you want to work and how many days off you want each month.

What Will Happen Next?

Once you’re aware of the various schemes, the procedure of how to immigrate to Canada as a truck driver is very easy. To be considered from the start, you must have a valid driver’s license as well as a clean driving and criminal background. Before applying, you must undergo a professional medical screening, train in accordance with Canadian trucking legislation, and pass a written test.

Most truck drivers looking for work in Canada begin by applying for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, which allows them to enter the country and begin working for a Canadian firm. To be considered for this, you must already have all of the aforementioned conditions in place or in progress before applying.

The company will then make an offer, and after that is made, you will be requested to apply for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. You must build a profile for the Express Entry system if you want to immigrate quickly (within 6 months).

You can apply online with a ‘Expression of Interest’ to a specific province in Canada before or while working for a Canadian company on this temporary basis. If you match the qualifications, the province will ask you to apply for a provincial nomination through a stream under the Provincial Nominee Program. The ‘Long-Haul Truck Driver Project,’ part of the Provincial Nominee Program’s Saskatchewan Expansion, is an example of a provincial subcategory.

This route is devoted to bringing long-haul truck drivers into Canada on a Temporary Foreign Worker Permit. After you’ve gone through the above steps and satisfied the criteria for your selected province (which are subject to change), the province will nominate you for consideration for residence. This raises your profile’s ranking by 600 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System. These points assist you rank higher in the Express Entry system’s pool of candidates, increasing your chances of getting drawn in the following round of successful applicants.



How Can We Assist You?


Work with our qualified RCICs to get the points you need for your profile and choose the right program for you to apply for immigration. We have the time and resources to handle all of your papers and comprehend all of the jargon you may encounter during the application process.

Why not make it easy on yourself by completing as many stages as possible along the way? Sign up here to receive expert advice from our courteous and experienced consultants based in Canada. These people have all been through the process and can provide you with the finest advise based on your experience and talents.


If you want to check their credibility for yourself, visit our About Us page. If you have any further questions regarding how to come to Canada as a truck driver, Navigate To Canada is here to assist you.

Working in Canada is becoming simpler by the year due to an increase in the number of available positions in the labor market. Our services make it that much easier to enter the nation and become a permanent resident. Sign up now to improve your chances of getting a job as a truck driver in Canada.



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