October 25, 2021

CHEFS on high demand in Canada(2021)

Chefs in Canada and their work visa.

Canada is a cosmopolitan country full of individuals from all origins. As a result, the country and its people accept various kinds of eating, taste, flavors, and dining experiences. In Canada, people of many nationalities dwell in various provinces. As a result, companies look for qualified individuals for cooks and chefs employment in Canada with work permits. Indeed, many candidates choose a work visa for chefs in Canada owing to the increased demand for Asian and Indian food and cuisine.

Candidates seeking chef positions in Canada with a work permit should get a legitimate employment letter from a Canadian company, accompanied by a copy of the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The LMIA is granted by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), and there is a process for getting a work permit for a cook in Canada as well as a chef work permit in Canada, which depends on the nation of the foreign skilled worker and professional. It is crucial to remember that, in addition to a work permit, applicants must get a temporary residence visa in order to enter Canada.

There is a diverse selection of Asian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Indian eateries. Qualified chefs and cooks with experience creating various cuisines are in high demand in Canada. With numerous professional possibilities and an astounding selection of restaurants to choose from, Canada is the ideal destination to relocate for educated and experienced chefs and cooks. Candidates who want to move to Canada and work as chefs should begin by applying for a work permit in Canada.


What Are the Different Types of Work Permits?

The government of Canada offers work permits to foreign skilled workers, immigrants, and professionals in two categories in order for them to come to Canada. These are the classifications:

• Open Work Permit – With an open work permit, applicants can work for any employer in Canada if they meet all of the qualifying conditions.

• Employer Specific Work Permit – With an employer specific work permit, applicants must work for a specific Canadian employer (who makes a legitimate employment offer backed by LMIA) for a set amount of time in a specific place, province, or territory.

What Are the Work Permit Eligibility Requirements in Canada for Chefs/Cooks?

Migrating to Canada as a chef or cook with a work permit is feasible if interested individuals fulfill all of the qualifying conditions for cook and chef employment in Canada with a work permit. The following are some of the fundamental eligibility requirements:

• Class 12 (minimum) education

• One year of related work experience

• A minimum English language score of 5 bands in IELTS (language proficiency exams)

• A police clearance certificate

• A written (valid) job offer letter from a Canadian employer

• A copy of LMIA should be provided by Canadian employer (LMIA is not required in case of open work permit)

• Enough money

What is the procedure for obtaining a work permit in Canada for chefs and cooks?

It is crucial to understand that a work permit does not allow candidates to work and live permanently in Canada. It is authorization to work in Canada for a set length of time. The following is the procedure for obtaining a Canada Work Permit for Chefs/Cooks:



Apply to get Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).


Valid job offer issued by Canadian employer.


Candidates should apply for work permit.


Furnish necessary details and documents for immigration process.


Receive work permit issued by Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA).



Chefs in Canada Have a Variety of Job Titles

Candidates seeking a work visa for chefs and cooks in Canada may apply for the following job titles, jobs, and responsibilities (also listed in the NOC list) —

• Executive Chef (Head Chef)

• Sous Chef

• Chef de Parties

• Commie I

• Commie II

• Commie III

• Line Cook

The Benefits of a Chef and Cook Work Permit in Canada

• According to a preliminary estimate, there will be around 4,575 cook positions available in Canada in 2020 in provinces such as Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and others.

• According to recent news sources, Work Bank, a Canadian government-managed platform, states that job possibilities for chefs and cooks are anticipated to grow by 2025, with roughly 52,000 to 55,000 job openings. It is undeniable that there is an increasing need for skilled chefs and cooks, particularly Indians, in the hotel industry and associated industries.

• There is also a high need for chefs and cooks that specialize in certain cuisines and culinary items such as Continental, Italian, Mexican, pastries and baked goods, and so on.
• The number of theme-based restaurants and food chains in Canada is increasing, particularly in major cities and regions. Chefs and cooks are needed to keep such restaurants and food outlets running properly.
• The typical yearly pay for a chef in Canada is from 30,000 to 62,000 (roughly) CAD (Canadian Dollar) per year.

• Many food joints and fast service restaurants provide flexible working hours.

• In Canada, chefs and cooks receive a variety of benefits, bonuses, and enticing incentives.


These factors provide many interested applicants, qualified professionals, and immigrants renewed optimism and confidence in applying for chef and cook jobs in Canada with work permits in 2021. Chefs and cooks are in high demand in Canadian provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.


Checklist of Documents Needed for Chef/Cook Jobs in Canada with a Work Permit


According to experts, applicants seeking for a cook/chef job in Canada with a work visa should have specific documents available to expedite the processing of the work permit. Please keep in mind that moving to another nation is a legal process that necessitates the submission of all necessary papers. The documents that must be submitted are as follows:


• Form for requesting a work permit

• Form for gathering family information (IMM 5645)
• Passport-size photos (most recently taken) • Processing fee
• A certificate of relevant work experience (at least of two years)
• A valid employment offer letter provided by a Canadian employer who has obtained a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
• Secondary School (10+2)
• English proficiency – Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing modules in IELTS. Candidates for cook and chef positions in Canada must have a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 – (Reading – 4 band, Listening – 5 band, Speaking – 5 band, and Writing – 5 band).
• Excellent medical condition

• Regional Passport Office Security Clearance Certificate

• Adequate cash and a good financial position


What exactly is a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?

It is sometimes referred to as Labour Market Testing. According to the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), Canadian companies have been permitted by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to hire foreign skilled workers, immigrants, trained youth, and professionals to fill chef and cook shortages in several Canadian provinces. To be eligible for LMIA, Canadian companies must promote job openings in a variety of publications, including local newspapers, journals, job boards, appropriate platforms, websites, and the Canadian Job Bank.

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) gives positive LMIA to Canadian businesses that do not find suitable applicants among Canadians to fill open positions. As a result, the LMIA allows them to recruit foreign skilled workers, chefs, and cooks from other nations.

A duplicate of the positive LMIA also indicates that recruiting international chefs and cooks, as well as foreign skilled employees, will benefit the Canadian economy. Except for those needed to perform charity or religious work, a copy of the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) is necessary to get chef and cook positions in Canada with a work visa for a foreigner.


What is the processing time and cost for a Canada Work Permit?

The processing time is heavily influenced by the kind of application and the submission of supporting papers. However, the processing of paper (offline) applications might take up to two months, whereas internet applications can take about one month. Please keep in mind that this is a typical schedule, and the processing time will vary depending on the application profile.

The following fees are included in the cost of a work visa in Canada:


Why Should You Use Key Global Immigration Services?

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