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May 4, 2022

How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship Proof(2022)

Now is an excellent time to submit your application for Proof of Canadian Citizenship.

As the world becomes more unstable, Canadian citizenship is becoming increasingly desirable.

The epidemic has wreaked havoc on many aspects of our life, and there is widespread political instability in both developed and poor countries.

Now consider obtaining Canadian citizenship.

Obtaining Canadian citizenship provides a number of advantages, including the ability to live and work in one of the world’s greatest and most stable countries. You may raise your family in a nation that provides universal healthcare, high-quality education, a secure political and financial climate, and numerous career possibilities, among many other advantages. Being a citizen grants you access to a Canadian passport, which permits you to travel to 185 countries without a visa.

For these reasons, Canadians strive to pass their citizenship status on to their children born overseas. Similarly, children of Canadian parents are more likely to petition for Canadian citizenship.

A knowledgeable Canadian immigration lawyer may assist you in obtaining Proof of Citizenship, often known as a Canadian citizenship certificate. Prior to the pandemic, it took roughly five months for the Canadian government to complete an application, but this is now taking longer owing to pandemic-related delays. As a result, it is advantageous to begin the application process as soon as feasible so that you can enjoy the benefits of Canadian citizenship as soon as possible.

One of the most significant advantages of hiring an experienced lawyer is that they can assist you in avoiding mistakes and unnecessary delays by ensuring you submit the strongest Proof of Citizenship application possible.

How can I apply for a certificate of Canadian citizenship?

In general, persons who had a parent born in Canada and assumed they were eligible for Canadian citizenship but were never sure file Proof of Citizenship petitions. Furthermore, such applications are made by Canadian parents on behalf of their children born overseas, or by the children themselves.

The IRCC needs proof that at least one of the kid’s biological or legal parents was a Canadian citizen at the time the child was born. A parent’s birth certificate, citizenship card, or citizenship certificate are examples of proof.

The document will then be reviewed by IRCC to ensure that it is complete. After that, you will receive a “acknowledgement of receipt.” If your case is challenging, IRCC may need to contact you in order to get more information or documents. IRCC may also require more time to process complex cases.

When IRCC accepts your application, they will issue you a certificate of Canadian citizenship.

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