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August 9, 2021

Job Vacancies in health care and food services soar up!(2021)

Canada has a high number of job vacancies in the fields of food services and the healthcare sector. As per the new studies published by Statistics Canada, there are a great number of job opportunities for employees working in the healthcare, food, and accommodation sector.


Canadian employers started recruiting employees from the accommodation and food services sector during May when the government increased public health measures. It was the healthcare sector that recorded the highest number of job vacancies.

In May, employers recruited around 671,100 workers. For seven consecutive months, the Canadian health sector had many job openings. Nearly one-sixth of all job vacancies in May belonged to the healthcare sector. And the demand for healthcare workers is only going to rise in the upcoming months. Food services and accommodation accounted for 78,000 job openings and retail trade for 73,800 job positions.

The province of Quebec demonstrated one of the highest vacancy rates in May at 5.1 percent. British Columbia was also close enough at 5 percent, followed by New Brunswick at 4.9 percent. The province of Newfoundland and Labrador got a job vacancy rate of 2.8 percent only. The payroll, employment, and job vacancies report published by Statistics Canada provided this data.

The unavailability of international students increased the vacancy rate by 7.8 percent for the food services and accommodation sector. Since these sectors mostly employ international students for work and, due to travel restrictions, students could not travel to Canada, there were a large number of vacancies in restaurants and other food services sectors.

The Labor Force Survey has put forward a study that suggests that employment opportunities in accommodation and food services increased by almost 12 percent in June.

Considering the rising job vacancies in food, accommodation, and healthcare services, it is a wonderful opportunity for people working in these sectors to come and work in Canada.

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