If you are serious about taking the precious gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations, especially to the beautiful country of Canada then this is your opportunity.


For a long time. Canada seemed like one blurry area on the globe; very little is known about its intricacies. Though Canada shares more than 60 land borders with the United States and sits on the world's second largest land mass, and has one of the strongest economies and high standard of living in the world, it had been impenetrable to many visionary Christian leaders from Africa particularly Nigeria who are called by God to take the Gospel to all the world and plant churches in different regions.

The United States has been the one-stop destination for African missionaries and is now over-saturated while Canada on the other hand has very scanty footprints and impact of the influence of vibrant revival ministries from Africa that can shift the spiritual climate in the Nation.


The biggest hurdle over the years had been the tedious and insurmountable Canadian Immigration. Most ministers of the gospel who apply for visa to visit Canada are usually turned down and the few who have had the Nation open to them often lack the know-how to procure the right document to settle legally in Canada and have the leverage to build a thriving ministry



A credible Canadian Immigration Consulting Firm. Our executive panels constitute members of ICCRC. At Navigate, we prioritize integrity, excellence and professionalism.


This is a special work permit for people who lead a congregation, provide religious instructions, share the beliefs of the religious community where and follow the spiritual teachings of its faith.


God has now opened Canada to as many precious and genuine ministers of the Gospel through an Immigration stream exclusive to religious ministers.

Navigate to Canada offers a complete package to get anyone to hit the ground and take off immediately to build God's Kingdom.

This amazing opportunity will shift the trajectory of your ministry and position you on the cutting edge of global impact.


Apply For Religious Work Permit & PR

We will process your religious work permit and/or permanent residence application.

Register Your Ministry In Canada

We will help you to process the registration of your ministry and organization in Canada.

Acceess Integration Facilities

We provide access to integration services such as accomodation, banking, transprtation, etc.

Ministry Credentials And Licensing

This is to enable you perform state functions such as marriage, funerals, etc.

Let us help you 
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