October 6, 2021

ON-DEMAND | Barbers Are Needed In Canada(2021)

Are you a seasoned barber looking for new challenges in one of the world’s most varied and diverse countries? Then Canada might be the perfect destination for you.
Canada is now seeking skilled and experienced barbers and hairstylists, who mean you may be eligible to apply to relocate to Canada via one of Canada’s Federal Immigration Programs.

The male grooming business is thriving, bringing in around $4 billion in yearly sales, a 1.5 percent rise from the previous year.


What are the requirements?

Aside from your skills and clipper, you will need the following when you go to Canada as a barber

Step 1: Determine if you satisfy the fundamental standards for a barber.

• A secondary school education is necessary.
• To come to Canada as a barber, you must satisfy the following minimal requirements:
• A trade certification for barbers is required in Ontario and is accessible but voluntary in the Yukon.
• A two-year apprenticeship or equivalent barber training is generally necessary.
• On-the-job training may be used in place of formal schooling.
• Barbers who are certified hairstylists can also earn a Red Seal endorsement.


Step 2: Select an immigration program.

There are several methods to relocate to Alberta as a barber, but the Express Entry system is likely the best and most popular. This will allow you to move to Canada in as short as 6 months through one of three federal economic immigration schemes. You will need to know your National Occupation Classification (NOC) code and skill level to complete your application. Your NOC code as a barber is 6341, and your skills level or type is B, making you qualified to apply for permanent residence in Canada through the FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program).


Step 3: Gather all required documents.

Once you’ve determined that you’re eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada through the FSWP, you’ll need to assemble the documents required to apply through the Express Entry system. Although the requirements are comparable to those of the FSWP, you will be evaluated differently.

To apply, you must first create an Express Entry profile and provide the necessary documents:

• Written employment offer from a Canadian company (if you have one);
• Certificates of police clearance; Medical exam records;
• Evidence of money;
• Language exams; ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report; Provincial nomination (if applicable);

Step 4: Fill up and submit your application

After submitting your application forms and supporting documents, your profile will be valid for one year and will be automatically placed into Express Entry draw pools every two weeks. If your application is accepted, you will be issued an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residence in Canada. The nicest aspect about having a job that is in high demand in a specific province is that it enhances your chances of being chosen and, as a result, of obtaining permanent residency in Canada.



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