June 29, 2021

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship 2021

Seven reasons to go from permanent resident to Canadian citizen.

More than 80 per cent of Canadian permanent residents apply for citizenship when they become eligible. So, what are the factors that make Canadian citizenship so desirable? What are the benefits of Canadian Citizenship.

Every person’s situation will vary. There are external factors to consider, such as other countries’ laws about dual citizenship and taxes. But, there are several important reasons why so many people go for Canadian citizenship.


  • Certainty
    Once a person obtains Canadian citizenship, they do not have to actively do anything to retain it. In fact, it is very difficult, particularly following 2017 reforms by the Trudeau government, for a person to lose their Canadian citizenship.


  • Travel Rights
    Canada enjoys an excellent global reputation. Canadian citizens are thus able to visit most countries in the world without a visa, or to receive one on arrival. This category includes countries such as the USA, UK, and the Schengen Countries — the vast majority of European Union members.

The Henley and Partners Passport Index 2021, which ranks different world passports by ‘power’, i.e., the ability they give their holders to visit other countries. Canada’s ranked 9th out of 199 passports in the report.

A Canadian passport also gives its holder the constitutionally-protected right to enter, remain in, and leave Canada.Nigeria Canada Place | Navigate to Canada 


  • Benefits for Children
    A Canadian citizen can transmit their citizenship to their descendants. In general, anyone born in Canada has Canadian citizenship. Only a citizen, however, can automatically transmit their citizenship to children born outside Canada.


  • Job Opportunities
    Some jobs, particularly sensitive positions in the government or security, may give preferential or exclusive consideration to people who are Canadian citizens.


  • Political Participation
    The Canadian Constitution guarantees only Canadian citizens the right to vote or run for the federal Parliament. Unlike the United States, Canada poses no bar whatsoever for someone who was not born a citizen to become the head of government. But, to fully participate in Canada’s democratic life, citizenship is required.


  • Dual Citizenship
    Canada permits dual citizenship. This fact means that Canada will allow a person to become a Canadian citizen, while retaining their other citizenship.


  • Symbolism
    For many people, becoming a citizen is the fullest and final way to join the “Canadian family.” Ceremonies are often deeply moving events for participants and their loved ones.


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